An interview with Nassim Taleb

The Washington Post yesterday published an interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the higly regarded book The Black Swan.  In the interview, he called that people in Obama’s administration working on the financial crisis be replaced with those who were better able to predict what was coming, such as Harvard economist Ken Rogoff. He said,

That’s why I think Obama needs to start with a new economic team — Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Lawrence Summers were among those who didn’t see this coming in the first place. He needs new people who understand complex systems.

He also recommended some solutions to the current crisis (including an input on bonuses) as well as briefly talked about the infamous Black Swan. Thankfully, he said the crisis isn’t going to last for 17 years, like the struggle Lebanon faced in the past.

See the whole interview HERE (you need to be registered in order to view the page).


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