USA: United Shareholders of AIG

Taking this from Paul Kedrosky’s blog. A screenshot of AIG’s profile from Bloomberg Terminal. Thought it was funny.


Now look at that. AIG’s parent company is apparently now called the United States of America. If the info included the number of shareholders, it would probably say 130,000,000 (tax-paying citizens).

The following mini-discussion happened:

Person1: Talk abut Corporatism… So is the USA officially a company now?

Person 2: National sovereignty subsumes business enterprise.

Me: Yes… and that company is popularly known as Geithner & Co.
CEO Tim Geithner
CFO Larry Summers
President/Chairman Obama

What would Paulson’s position be now that’s out of… the company?

Person 2: Éminence grise

Paul K: I’m saying Treasury Secretary emeritus.

Very well.


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