Some readings

Oops, didn’t realize this was saved as a draft.

G20 Reality Check, from The Wall Street Journal

The summit may have been dubbed a success, but its communique is still far from being the perfect plan.

Perfect Consumer Storm Not Over, by Richard Berner (Morgan Stanley)

While some figures may give hope that consumers are not picking up on their spending, Berner says otherwise.

Spend It in Vegas or Die Paying Taxes, by Arthur Laffer (WSJ)

Recently the issue on estate taxes has been growing.  Laffer argues that taxing estate taxes only causes a waste of other people’s money as they try to evade the ridiculous taxes imposed by the government on people who bequeath their wealth to their families.

The Incredible Shrinking Economy, from The Economist

Is Japan ready to bid their lost decade goodbye… and face two lost decades?

Light At The End Of The Tunnel, by Nouriel Roubini (Forbes)

Dr. Doom is slightly deviating from his alias as he sees some glimmer of hope from all the programs that have been implemented by the US government.


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