What US foreign workers are made up of

The surging unemployment in the US has forced some politicians to suggest cutting down on foreign workers, which to say the least is a ridiculous idea.  It’s understandable that jobs for Americans want to be saved but it doesn’t make economic and even business sense to let go of what could be a more skilled group of talents, not to mention that they also represent cheap labor.  I can only suppose that’s what inspired the New York Times to come up with the data showing the composition of foreign workers in the US.  The first below shows the overall statistics and the top 10 biggest provider of foreign labor.


Following are the ten biggest groups serving as managers and administrators. Third are the groups of engineers and architects.

foreign2Fig. 2

foreign3Fig. 3

Finally, the breakdown for the health care sector.  It comes as no surprise that, at least when it comes to nurses, the Philippines leads the table.  The Filipino diaspora that the country has seen the past few years only point to this.  While there are already a big part of the population that leaves to become helpers in other Asian and Middle Eastern states such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabi, and Qatar, those dreaming of the American dream also flock to the US to become nurses; even the MDs train to become one of them.


foreign6Fig. 5

Credits to New York Times for the above data. Others include those in the field of hospitality, maintenance, and personal services as well as construction, manufacturing and other labor.  Find the rest HERE.


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