The end is the beginning is again the end for Thatcherism

I found it quite a delight to read this piece from Gideon Rachman from the Financial Times.  Perhaps because I am not as well versed on Thatcher and her policies so reading this provided a bried but good background.

By the end of the Thatcher era, free-market reforms were being pursued in China, eastern Europe, India and the Soviet Union. On her last visit as prime minister to Mikhail Gorbachev’s Russia, Mrs Thatcher noted wryly that the new mayor of Moscow seemed to be a disciple of her own economic guru, Milton Friedman.

Almost everything that Mrs Thatcher opposed – nationalisation, raising taxes, Keynesian economics – is back in fashion. One by one, the signature policies and achievements of the Thatcher years are being dismantled in Britain.

But these days [Nicolas Sarkozy] likes to be photographed clutching a copy of Das Kapital. Mrs Thatcher venerated the free enterprise of the US. But the new US president seems strangely enamoured of the European social system.

Read the entire thing HERE.

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