Updated: Readings

The Big Screen Kindle Hail Mary Will Fall Incomplete, by MG Siegler (TechCrunch) – thought this was an interesting piece to add

Republicans All at Sea as Party Sinks, by Clive Cook (FT)

Europe Must Learn From Japan’s Experience, by Wolfgang Munchau (FT)

The Big Bored, by Mary Pilon (WSJ)

Falling Wage Syndrome, by Paul Krugman (NYT)

Test of Banks May  Bring Hope More Than Fear, by David Leonhardt (NYT)

Obama’s Bias Against Oil and Gas, by Robert Samuelson (RCM)

Troubled Banks Must Be Allowed a Way to Fail, by Thomas Hoenig for the FT

Monsters, Inc., by James Surowiecki (New Yorker)

The Other Shoe, by Andrew Bary (Barron’s)

Warren Buffett’s New Words of Wisdom, by Whitney Tilson (The Daily Beast)


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