Updated: Welcoming the new Kindle

It’s the new Kindle DX.

CEO Jeff Bezos is in NYC today to talk about the new addition to the Kindle family. Catch live blogging from the event through Engadget.



The idea is cool but I’m really curious to know how it would be welcomed by students. I’m one of the few (or many?) who likes to feel the pages of books and have the book itself. I guess that’s why I was never THAT excited about kindle. It’s not so much the convenience as it is the… experience.

Some quotes from Bezos:

“The display is 2 and a half times the size of the Kindle 2. Built in PDF reader, you never have to pan, you never have to zoom, you never have to scroll. You just read.”

“This is a dream to have textbooks on a device this small. Students with smaller backpacks, less load, easier access. Speaking of students. We’ve got the textbooks, we’ve got the device — what about the students? 5 universities have decided to pilot the Kindle DX this fall.”

“We’re pleased to announce that three papers have signed on with us, the NYT, Boston Globe, and the San Francisco Chronicle. They will offer reduced prices for long term commitments on subscriptions.”


The new Kindle DX has 9.7 inch display with auto-rotation and 3.3 GB of storage. It will go for $489 and can now be pre-ordered for delivery this summer.

Photos courtesy of Engadget. Follow more on the same link.



A demo video from TechCrunch:


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