Jeff Macke, say what?

As I was trying to catch up with CNBC’s Fast Money, I saw that yesterday’s episode had Steve Grasso taking the seat of Macke. I usually wouldn’t go around searching what’s up. But something brought me to search Jeff Macke on Twitter. To my surprise, people have been talking about his possible departure from CNBC in light of what has oddly transpired during an appearance on May 19 in the network’s CNBC Reports with Dennis Kneale. I searched for the video, saw it, and was quite surprised.

After that interview, all I could think of was, what in the world was Jeff Macke saying? He was unusually inarticulate, strange and not funny, and just completely bollocks.

Here’s the video and you’ll see what I mean:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Here’s a transcript of some of the things that were said:

Dennis Kneale: Macke let’s start with you…Patty Daum is talking about how the credit markets tonight are really thawing tonight…and her sources tell her it’s going to be helping the stock market. What do you think of that?

Jeff Macke: I have no idea Dennis…I’m going to talk to you like a child…if you understand what I’m saying, just say ‘yeah.’

Dennis Kneale: Okay, yeah.

Jeff Macke: See, you’re what happens, when you’re trying to talk to car people. Like a half-hour ago. I dismissed these people years ago. And now that I’m trying to finally engage them … they have no idea what I’m talking about.

Dennis Kneale: Okay …

Jeff Macke: Yeah. It’s a really simple thing, but either you’re kinda tweaked, but you get this joke, which I’m assuming that 90 percent of you does, or you’re even more confused now. I’m just trying to be the voice of reason, guiding you to the light.

Dennis Kneale: [Trying to recover with a simple question] Okay. So, tell me, this week, markets up or markets down?

Jeff Macke: I don’t know, I’ve dismissed this whole game, as soon as I started talking to car people this morning. Either that’s really enigmatic to you, or else you’re starting to feel the Band-Aid come off.

Some results from my search reported Macke is under a lot of stress with contract negotiations with the network. He might be the next Dylan Ratigan but he surely probably wouldn’t be able to stand on his own, given he was and has always been only a guest commentator. He never had his own show nor segment so it might prove difficult for him if he tries to continue with this job. And with what he said on Tuesday of last week, I doubt he raised his chances if he indeed leaves the network.


2 responses to “Jeff Macke, say what?

  1. Macke should have just said what he meant, rather than trying to veil the subtext.

    • That’s probably one problem with him. He always tries to do figures of speech in his comments. Frequently, he succeeds but this time, he fails. Big time.

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