Ronaldo to surpass Beckham’s value?

becksredI’m not fan of Cristiano Ronaldo (I am a Chelsea fan!) but an article on The Guardian got my attention. It’s not so much that it was about Ronaldo more than it was the value of player/celebrity endorsements.  The British newspaper is reporting that one of the reasons the Portuguese player is leaving is because of the endorsement block he experienced under Fergie’s rule. According to the report, the manager sees players’ off-field performance distracting. The newspaper also said it is also one of Beck’s reasons for departing in 2003.

From the Guardian:

Mary-Ellen Field, a leading expert in commercial and licensing rights, told Observer Sport that Ronaldo’s £80m move will open up a huge range of previously restricted commercial options and will allow him to earn “at least £85m” from endorsements over the next decade.

Once Ronaldo’s current commercial worth of £18m is added to his basic salary at Madrid – a five-year contract should earn him at least £45m – with the correct off-field management the player could accumulate more than £175m by the time he is Beckham’s age, 34. Beckham is ­currently worth around £125m.

And in contrast to United, Ronaldo and Kaká will be encouraged to develop their individual commercial activities beyond Madrid’s own in-house deals, to expand their profiles globally.

Surprisingly, Ronaldo has not ­registered his name as a trademark, which Beckham, as most high-profile sports stars do, did early in his career. It is thought Ronaldo’s advisers, acting on legal advice, decided this was too expensive, though it would cost him little more than two weeks’ wages.

More HERE.

After the jump, Beckham’s Armani, Motorola, and Adidas ad.



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