The older are more entrepreneurial

Got this from Paul Kedrosky’s blog. His colleagues at the Kauffman Foundation did a study on entrepreneurial activity. It presents quite an interesting result. Contrary to what many of believe, it is not the younger 20-somethings who are expressing their entrepreneurial spirits more. Based on the study, it is the older people. And it seems like, the older one gets, the more entrepreneurial he becomes.

See the chart below.


I’m trying to find out the logic behind it. Common knowledge dictates that younger people tend to have more ideas and thus, are more likely to be the group with a bigger number of entrepreneurial activities. But this result says otherwise.  Could it be that the older are the ones with more ideas? Could they be more aggressive acting on those ideas? Or is it a matter of having more capital? Many of them, I assume, have already had the opportunity to build their capital base paving the way for them to pursue entrepreneurial desires far more easily than the young ones. I actually haven’t seen the entire study so there might be some discussion there.


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