WSJ/NBC poll shows Obama approval rating slipped

The Wall Street Journal yesterday released results of a poll conducted this month focusing  on the president and the management of his administration of the various problems plaguing America at the moment. Some points from the WSJ poll include:

  • A majority of people also disapprove of his decision to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • Nearly seven in 10 survey respondents said they had concerns about federal interventions into the economy, including Mr. Obama’s decision to take an ownership stake in General Motors Corp., limits on executive compensation and the prospect of more government involvement in health care.
  • A solid majority — 58% — said that the president and Congress should focus on keeping the budget deficit down, even if takes longer for the economy to recover.
  • Mr. Obama’s overall job approval and personal ratings have slipped, particularly among independent voters. His job approval rating now stands at 56%, down from 61% in April.
  • Only 37% of people said that Mr. Obama is taking on too many issues. A solid majority — 60% — said that he is focused on many issues because the country is facing so many problems.

See the entire result of the poll via this PDF file. Or read the Journal’s report on the results.

The survey had 1,008 respondents and a margin of error of 3.1%.


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