What would Ben do. Today marks the end of the Fed’s 2-day meeting and it seems many have less idea about the contents of the minutes than usual. Some are hoping the Fed to announce plans on how to reduce the oversupply of money that has been pumped into the economy with the aim of expanding consumer demand and the availability of loans.

The Fed could expand its Treasury buying, expand it but cut back on mortgage-backed-securities purchases, stretch it out over a longer period of time, allow it to expire or punt on a decision altogether.

Just a bit more from another WSJ piece:

Some economists worry the central bank will have a hard time pushing the fed-funds rate up when it needs to. It has flooded the financial system with so much money that it is possible the rate won’t be responsive to central-bank efforts to raise it until the Fed pulls most of that money out of the financial system.

Read more about it HERE.

Here’s how the futures are shaping up:


WSJ also notes that the Dow has gained an average of 2.5% during the last four Fed decision days, but in three of the four occasions, they have fallen sharply for correction.


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