1989, 2009

I have been reading the current (Asian) issue of the Time magazine the past few days.  I usually don’t pick up Time from the newsstands, not when it doesn’t have anything that particularly interests me – usually only when they have special features.

In the current issue, they look back into 1989 – a year filled with historic events that made significant contributions to the current state of world economy and politics including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the massacre at Tiananmen Square, and the birth of the internet.

The cover:


The double issue also looks into Gorbachev’s travels – one that some people believe helped bring down the Wall, Japan’s bursting of the bubble – from which the nation still hasn’t recovered, the Hillsbrough tragedy – one of the darkest days in football, the birth of The Simpsons – one of the longest, if not the longest, running animations on TV.

To make a little diversion, 20 years forward, yet another life-changing event happened just days ago – something which many of us would look back at again 20 years from now. The passing of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Time rushed a special issue to commemorate MJ and his contributions to the music business. Photo courtesy of TMZ.com


RIP Michael Jackson, 1958-2009


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