Dylan’s back!

Yes, Dylan Ratigan, former CNBC superstar, is back.  Not exactly on CNBC, but on its sister network MSNBC on a show called Morning Meeting, which air daily 9-11am ET. He began anchoring June 29.

I just thought I’d give everyone an update.

I was curious enough to look up his name on Twitter and see people’s reaction. Apparently, quite a lot don’t like him. I like his energy though. I do admit however getting irritated a few times back when he was in CNBC because he does talk a lot and he has that habit of butting in on his guests. But for a morning show, I think he makes a good host to wake up people already falling asleep at work.

PS Watching some of the clips from the show, I still prefer him talking about the markets. He’s good still but… I don’t know. I probably am just used to hearing him talk about the markets. No? Having said that, hearing him talk about politics and other mainstream issues just make me admire him even more. He is indeed an intelligent man.

What say you?


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