Just like Tibet, dui bu dui?

The Financial Times gives a good analysis/primer on the riots plaguing the streets of Urumqi, Xinjiang region in China.  The protests have been on the news for days and at the moment, death toll is at 156 and certainly counting.  Not knowing much about the roots of the problem, this analysis by the FT gave me what I was looking for.

Here’s an excerpt:

China has many poor people with a multitude of their own grievances. But the anger among the Han is balanced, in part, by being part of the great Chinese nation and by a powerful sense that, if they work hard, they too can succeed. The Uighurs, like the Tibetans – both Xinjiang and Tibet are known as autonomous regions rather than provinces – feel politically and economically disenfranchised. Neither group aspires to be part of a country and society that does not appear to accept them as equals, and that they do not want to join anyway.

Read the entire thing HERE.

I suppose it should’ve been easy to figure out how or why this catastrophe came about. Definitely reminds you of the situation in Tibet just last year.


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