CNBC’s business model revolves around screaming, says intern

tom-jailI stumbled upon this as I was clicking through some websites for interesting reads.  I was surprised to know that Vanity Fair has this gimmick of torturing its interns (or at least this one guy interning for by locking them up in a room (that looks like a library) and leaving them to watch one network for one whole day, while being broadcasted all over the world via UStream.  Today is the third day. And he, by the name of Thomas Kaplan, is watching MSNBC.

On the first day, it was CNN, which according to him was kind of a bland day. Nothing significant happened. Then came what for him is surely to be the worst – the second day, where he was assigned to watch CNBC for his whole day yesterday. After each day he writes some sort of an opinion/summary of how the previous day went. And this is what he wrote about CNBC:

Screaming (and shouting and yelling and howling) is apparently the basis for CNBC’s business model, if my eight hours in front of the television locked in a closet here in Vanity Fair’s New York City offices were any indication. The daytime programming goes something like this: Three or four (or five or six) financial pundits in suits and ties are assembled, and the attractive female host gives them a topic to debate. Then they scream at each other without any restraint for a few minutes, until the host cuts them off, cuts to a commercial, and assembles a new group of suit-wearing men to scream at each other. This repeats all day long.

HA. HA. HA. Poor kid. But at least he got some people entertaining him via Twitter, which I’m inclined to think was actually what he spent half of his intern time doing – tweeting. Follow him HERE. (Tomorrow is his last day.)


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