The problems of Nomura

An interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about Nomura Holdings, a Japanese brokerage firm, and its problems integrating the men and women of the firm with those from Lehman Brothers, whose international operations Nomura bought sometime in September.

An excerpt:

Lehman bankers encountered a different work culture at Nomura. One team of Nomura traders, for instance, sang a company song at morning meetings.

Asked about the training sessions for new hires, a Nomura spokeswoman said that both sexes were taught business etiquette, and the men and women were trained separately for logistical reasons.

Some Nomura managers interpreted strictly the company’s dress code for women. They told women joining from Lehman to remove highlights from their hair, to wear sleeves no shorter than midbicep and to avoid brightly colored clothing, according to several people who joined from Lehman. Several women were sent home from the trading floor for dressing “inappropriately,” these people say.

It’s quite a good read. Read the rest HERE.


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