CNBC loses viewers

cnbcThat’s according to a survey by Nielsen.  Year-on-year, the network owned by GE has lost 28% of viewers in the period, and 24% of those in the 24-54 age bracket. Biggest droppers were Larry Kudlow’s Kudlow Report and the one that immediately follows, CNBC Reports, with 46% and 42% respectively.

See the table below (click for larger image).

cnbc viewers

Some interpretations and observations:

  1. The decline grows as the day goes. Starting from a decline of 21% in the morning and eventually going to 46% at night.
  2. Zero Hedge, the blog that posted this, was attacking Larry Kudlow with the 46% drop. But remember he’s also in The Call in the morning. If he was such a crap talker/screamer/BS or whatever the blogger thinks of him, then how do you explain people’s ‘tolerance’ in the morning?
  3. The declining viewership… could it be that people get tired of all the screaming as the day wears on?
  4. There’s nothing on Bloomberg viewership. I wonder how much they’ve dropped. I doubt they took the 28% that CNBC lost.
  5. Part of the title of the table reads: excluding breaking news and specials. Between CNBC and Bloomberg, I think without a doubt, CNBC breaks news much more often, much quicker.

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