I have been doing this for a few months now and I haven’t seen much pick up in the readership.  Now I’m trying to figure out what my/this blog’s focus should be. Whatever I decide on, I anticipate being slowed down or deterred by resources.  On a daily basis, I am able to pick news from sites such as WSJ, FT, and Bloomberg. But what they offer is a wide range of news and updates. If I were to follow just one subject, I worry there will not be  enough decent cites to take stuff from.  So just focusing on one could be tough. And I do like writing about all sorts of development.  Cutting down to one for the sake of increased readership is tough. But some potential foci I have in mind:

  • Russian economy and the ruble
  • Latin American markets – Brazil in particular
  • M&A
  • Some sort of a daily news digest – not far from what I’m doing now, but covering more news and shorter “previews” (excerpts)
  • Emerging markets – then again there’s not much about the US that will be covered

Any other thoughts?

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