Some Saturday news

Keynes rescues France and Germany; Club Med lost – Telegraph

Crass Keynesianism has done its job. A blast of fiscal stimulus and “cash-for-clunker” schemes have lifted France and Germany from the depths of recession.

Bubble in a slum – WSJ

A credit crisis is brewing in “microfinance,” the business of making the tiniest loans in the world.

Microlending fights poverty by helping poor people finance small businesses — snack stalls, fruit trees, milk-producing buffaloes — in slums and other places where it’s tough to get a normal loan. But what began as a social experiment to aid the world’s poorest has also shown it can turn a profit.

Football clubs losing battle with shirt sponsors – FT

The battle to secure a renewed shirt sponsorship deal at Liverpool FC looks set to establish the latest benchmark in promotional revenues being fought over by the Premier League’s top teams.

Britain responds to criticism of its universal health care system – NYT

The British love to mock their National Health Service, but they have been incensed by its being used as a punching bag in the fight over President Obama’s proposed reforms.

A rally with troubling aspects – FT

A rally with troubling aspects – FT

US stocks have risen almost 50 per cent from their lows in March, a turbo-charged performance that ranks as the best post-war market rebound.

Regulators close 3 more banks; total reaches 77 for ’09 – WSJ

Beijing sets date for emissions cut – FT

China’s carbon emissions will start falling by 2050, its top climate change policymaker said, the first time the world’s largest emitter has given such a time-frame.

That’s it for now.


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