Let’s go shorty!

Something from The Pragmatic Capitalist (PragCap), bringing up the idea of possibly shorting the market via high beta stocks after they have outperformed the market during the rallies (and understandably underperforming when the markets move to the downside).


From the table, consumer discretionary has the highest short interest ratio and supposedly from the strong hammering of the financials within the past few months (or at least prior to the rally following Match 9 lows), financials have the lowest number.  Better be careful in going short again.  Some are talking about a possible correction, which may have begun on Friday after Wall Street saw a sharp decline, which extended up to yesterday and spread in other markets.  (Although futures are currently pointing to a higher open.) But we don’t know where we’re headed the next couple of months. It’s up to you whether to believe the dread that comes in the markets in September and how bad you think retail sales et al. are going to be for the holiday season.

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