Lehman fall to be captured on screen

Cromwell as Henry Paulson

Cromwell as Henry Paulson

BBC announced yesterday that its BBC Two division will be producing a film capturing the events of Lehman Brothers’ last two days as an investment bank.

Executive Producer Ruth Caleb (Short Stay In Switzerland, Born Equal, Judge John Deed) says: “In the year following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, writer Craig Warner has written a very engaging script inspired by those events.

“We are also very fortunate that we have an exceptional cast, including James Cromwell, Ben Daniels and James Bolam to bring those events to life.”

Hank Paulson will be played by James Cromwell and Dick Fuld, Lehamn’s former CEO will be played by Corey Johnson.

See the BBC announcement.

This should be good. Producers can do the same for the fall of Bear Stearns and of the markets in general, perhaps an idea for a third installment of the movie Wall Street.  The story should not be essentially different, but people can count on it for the past-paced and sobering moments that happened last year.


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