Weekend links

Some finds for the weekeed:

Sunday Update

The Limits of Arbitrage – Baseline Scenario

What the Stress Tests Didn’t Predict – NYT

Gummy Bears – Barron’s…

and Ritholtz’s response – Bad Bears or Road to Recovery? – Big Picture

Second Wave Of The Credit Crisis: Collapsing Commercial Real Estate – IBD

America May Need to Find Another Financier – NYT

Shopping Habits of China’s ‘Suddenly Wealthy’ – FT


You Are What You Listen To – Telegraph

Defining Moment – FT

New Cuisine Style Is Transforming Singapore – FT

Value Line Hasn’t Been This Bearish Since 2000 – Pragmatic Capitalist

Brief Relief, but No Cure for Carmakers From Clunker Plan – NYT

Small Investors Face Big Hit in ETF Push – WSJ

Who is Tyler Durden? – naked capitalism

Volatility and The Business Cycle – Prag Cap

The Third Dimension of Investing – Barron’s


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