Where Yahoo! leads, it leads big

Just for other’s delight, below is a chart comparing Google and Yahoo! as well as their respective finance sites.  It comes as no surprise that Google leads the overall web search market but as a user of Yahoo! Finance myself, I’m not surprised that Google’s finance site lags Yahoo’s by a mile.  The accompanying article from the NYT points out some statistics:

Yahoo Finance, which has occupied the top spot in the category for 19 consecutive months, drew 21.7 million unique United States visitors in July; Google Finance drew only 1.2 million unique visitors, placing it 17th in comScore’s rankings for the category, one slot above a site called FreePressRelease.com.

More here.

I tried using Google Finance before and it just didn’t work for me.  Even with the real time stock quotes.  Another point goes to Yahoo because of their smaller charts; Google is just so wide it’s hard to use it, in my case, for blogging.

Click the image to enlarge.


The staggering difference is interesting.  But it also tells us one thing: that Yahoo! relies heavily on the traffic generated by its finance arm.


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