Links for today

Some other headlines and op-eds worth reading today:

Late-night additions:

SPX at Post-Lehman Fib Retracement Target of 1035-1037 – VIX and More

Credit Suisse: The Junk Rally Must Come To An End – The Money Game

Pimco To Launch First Short-Term TIPS ETF – IndexUniverse

ECB Warns of ‘Bumpy Road’ as No Stimulus End Signaled – Bloomberg

The Risk of Double-Dip Recession Is Rising – FT

Mining the Web for Feelings, Not Facts – NYT

Appetite Returning to US Muni Bond Market – FT

Europe Industrial Orders Increase More Than Forecast – Bloomberg

Wake Up, Xenophobes – TechCrunch

The Rage over Goldman Sachs – Time

Goldman’s Trading Tips Reward Its Biggest Clients – WSJ

…and Ritholtz responds again – Its Not Called “First Call” For Nothing – Big Picture

*I just noticed I have three Goldman-related articles for today.*


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