FAA rules say no personal items on seatback pockets – HUH?!

This is rather bizarre. So bizarre even airline personnel themselves don’t know about it.  Came across this through the New York Times.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that airlines whose flight attendants had been telling passengers that no personal items of any kind could be placed in seatback pockets were “following our guidance, if they are enforcing this with travelers.”

Several major carriers said that they knew nothing about this and had no immediate plans to enforce it.

But this is what the fuss is about:

…a 51-page 2007 F.A.A. directive on cabin safety does address “proper stowage of carryon baggage” and says in part, “nothing can be stowed in the seat pockets except magazines and passenger information cards.”

Maybe I’m just slow but I really don’t see how putting an extra magazine or iPod or whatnot on the pockets is going to make one’s flight more dangerous. I’m almost certain though this won’t be something airlines would strictly follow. Just because it doesn’t quite make sense.

Read it from the NYT.


One response to “FAA rules say no personal items on seatback pockets – HUH?!

  1. Actually, the paragraph in that 2007 “directive” was copied verbatim from a 1998 FAA document. The actual FAR addressing carry-on baggage says nothing about seatback pockets at all.


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