Friday reads

Some of the stuff I read for today:

Banks ‘Too Big to Fail” Have Grown Bigger – WaPost

Whose Rally Is It? – WSJ

Leverage Rising on Wall Street at Fastest Pace Since ‘07 Freeze – Bloomberg

It’s Hard to Worry About a Deficit 10 Years Out – NYT

Kasriel: “The Rhyming of History – Bloomberg and the RFC?” – CalculatedRisk

Merrill Lynch Is Seething With Anger Over Treatment Of Dan Sontag – Clusterstock

G20 Urged to Tax Financial Deals To Fight Poverty and Aids – Guardian

Till Debt Does Its Part – NYT

Four Stages of Secular Bear Markets – Big Picture

The Five Stages of Panic Buying – Reformed Broker

PR Pros Don’t Want To Work For Merrill Lynch – Clusterstock

The Cost of Not Understanding Probability Theory – Math Blog (ht to Abnormal Returns)

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