Thursday reads

Some other headlines:

Britain’s Economic Crisis Deepens – Telegraph

What Really Happened to DXO – IndexUniverse (ht Abnormal Returns)

Brown, Merkel, Sarkozy Call For Curbs on Bonuses – Guardian

SEC Blotched Inquiries Into Madoff Scheme – WSJ

Iceland Pressed To Join Euro – FT

ECB Keeps Key Rate Unchanged – Bloomberg

Brown Faces Scrutiny On Plans For Young Jobless – Guardian


Why G20 Will Struggle to Make Progress on Fin Reform – Telegraph

BofA Is Light On Sympathy – Dealbreaker

Why We Need To Kill The Single Regulator Idea – Clusterstock

Brazil’s Public Option – FP

The Social Side of Obesity – Time

Do You Consume Information Or Does It Consume You? – Big Picture

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