Monday/Tuesday reads

It slipped my mind to publish the list of links I made yesterday. Oops. Today’s links first:

A Breakdown on Handling Big Failures – NYT

India and China Cross Border Global M&A Increases – 2point6billion

Morgan Stanley: Market Rally Not Over Yet – Guardian

Europe’s Banks Face Question Over Funding – FT

M&A Is Not Even Resting – FT Alphaville

ETF Assets Swell During Summer – IndexUniverse

Oilfield Services Sector: Forget About Natural Gas – Zero Hedge

A New Job Just A Tweet Away – WSJ

Greed Is Back, Gekko. So Is A Meltdown. – NYT

Fuld Dreading Anniversary of Lehman Collapse – Dealbreaker

Buffett Recalculating His Bets – NYT

How China Cooks Its Books – naked capitalism, Foreign Policy

Links from yesterday:

Asian Companies Look to U.S. for Listings – WSJ

iPhone Makes Worldwide Loss, Says Report – Guardian

China, Bernanke, and the Price of Gold – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Obama Readies Reform Specifics – WaPo

The Wait for Financial Reform – NYT

Natural Gas Hits A Roadblock in the Energy Bill – NYT


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