State of the newspapers

WSJ has this today:

Average weekday newspaper circulation for the six months ended Sept. 30 dropped nearly 11%, the starkest decline in years anda sign of both the industry’s deepening troubles and its efforts to purposely pare unprofitable copies.

And a little on WSJ dominance:

The report also confirmed a preliminary count that The Wall Street Journal overtook Gannett Co.’s USA Today as the country’s largest paper by weekday circulation.

The Journal also was helped by sales of paid online subscriptions, which few newspapers offer. The Journal’s print circulation was 1.6 million, a 2% decline from a year earlier, as the News Corp. publication cut out low-price copies distributed to schools and other places. That figure comes in behind USA Today’s, though not on the basis of individually paid copies.

There’s a table ranking the 10 newspapers with the biggest circulation: WSJ takes the top spot with a little over 2m copies distributed. USA Today follows with 1.9m and the New York Times comes in at third with almost a million less copies of its paper sold. LA Times and Washington Post take the 4th and 5th spots, respectively.  Whoever’s in the top 10, it just doesn’t look good for these papers.

Note that this is only for US Newspapers.  I’m actually more interested in the competition between the WSJ and the Financial Times.

Source: WSJ


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