iPhone enters China… officially

I like this news:

After two years of waiting, Apple’s wildly popular smartphone finally kicked off official sales in the world’s largest mobile market, with almost 700m users. China Unicom, the country’s second-largest carrier and the first telecoms group to make a distribution deal with Apple in China, threw an all-night celebration to mark the event.

This obviously follows:

But Mr Zhi may be forgiven if his smile for the cameras appeared slightly forced. He is not China’s first iPhone owner at all.

Since the gadget’s global launch in 2007, more than 2m Chinese have smuggled iPhones from Hong Kong and elsewhere while the device waited to get the green light from Beijing.

There must be some pride though to being an official iPhone owner? lol But many don’t seem to be falling for the iPhone craze as only a few were present at the launch party held.  Here’s a big reason why:

The carrier has set the price for the device only without a mobile contract at between Rmb6,000-Rmb8,000 ($880-$1,170) for different models – more than double the average selling price of Rmb2,250 for other smartphones in China and also a lot more expensive than “grey market” iPhones, which sell at Rmb3,700 to Rmb5,700.

China doesn’t look like the promising market everyone thought of, I guess. Definitely Apple should look into cutting the price.  $900 for a phone alone? Hell.

Source: FT


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