The effects of World Cup: Before, during, and after

FT Alphaville has this interesting post citing a study by BofA/ML on the effects of World Cup in retail sales, consumption, tourism, and industrial production.  As expected, the first three go up during the month when the WC is being held while going back to pretty much where they were prior to the WC.  That’s when visitors leave and significantly slow down on their purchases and/or consumption.  Meanwhile, as the effect of World Cup mania spread all throughout, people become less productive as they begin to work less and talk more about what happened during the previous night’s match.

Here are the charts:


The post closes by saying this:

The analysts also argued that the World Cup “remains one of the under-researched topics in South African macro”. We agree — so please do let us know if you see any interesting research on the topic in the run-up to and aftermath of the tournament.

I second the motion.

Source: FT Alphaville


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